CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course


Duration:4-5 days

Minimum requirements: CMAS P1* Certification or its equivalent from other organizations

Minimum age: 15 years can qualify for CMAS (P2)

The Fees Include:

• Transfer to/from your place of stay within Hurghada (Other areas might be charged additionally)

• 12 Liter tanks

• Lunch on board (incl. tea/coffee, 2 soft drinks or water)

• Books and certification

Join our CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course, the perfect opportunity to enhance your diving skills. Take your diving journey further with our renowned CMAS P1* Diver Course. Experience the thrill of diving in Hurghada, where Diving in Hurghada guarantees an unforgettable adventure. Enroll now and become a confident and skilled diver.

CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver)
Price: 380 Euros
Duration: 4-5 days

The Price for CMAS (P2) Two Star Diver Course is €380
Duration:4-5 days
Minimum requirements: CMAS P1* Certification or its equivalent from other organizations
Minimum age: 15 years can qualify for CMAS (P2)

The Fees Include:

Transfer to/from your place of stay within Hurghada (Other areas might be charged additionally)
-12 Liter tanks
-Lunch on board (incl. tea/coffee, 2 soft drinks or water)
– Books and certification

CMAS P2 (Two-Star Diver) Certification:

Discover the enchanting world of diving in Hurghada with the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course. Unveil the treasures of the Red Sea and embark on a thrilling underwater adventure. Book your course today!


1. CMAS P1 Certification:
• Typically, candidates for the CMAS P2** certification must hold a valid CMAS P1 (One-Star Diver) certification or an equivalent entry-level certification from a recognized diving organization.
2. Minimum Diving Experience:
• Some training agencies may require candidates to have a minimum number of logged dives after obtaining their CMAS P1 certification.
3. Age Requirement:
• The minimum age requirement for CMAS P2 ** certification is usually higher than that for P1, often around 15 years old or older. Check with the specific training agency for their age requirements.
4. Health and Fitness:
• Divers should be in good health and reasonably fit. It may be required to submit a medical certificate stating fitness for diving.

Course Content:

The CMAS P2 course typically includes more advanced topics and additional diving skills beyond those covered in the P1 course:
1. Advanced Theory:
• Further exploration of diving physics, physiology, decompression theory, and additional safety considerations.
2. Navigation Skills:
• Enhanced navigation skills, including underwater navigation using a compass and natural references.
3. Deep Diving Techniques:
• Introduction to deep diving principles, including procedures for dives beyond the standard recreational diving limits.
4. Search and Recovery:
• Basic techniques for underwater search and recovery, emphasizing safety and proper procedures.
5. Night Diving:
• Introduction to night diving principles and techniques, including the use of underwater lights.
6. Rescue Scenarios:
• Advanced rescue scenarios and techniques to enhance diver preparedness for emergency situations.
7. Dive Planning:
• Advanced dive planning, including the use of dive tables or dive computers for multi-level dives.
8. Environmental Awareness:
• Increased emphasis on environmental awareness and conservation principles.


The duration of a CMAS P2 course can vary depending on the training agency, the specific course structure, and the individual’s learning pace. Generally, the P2 course may require more time than the P1 course, often spanning several days or weekends.


Upon successful completion of the CMAS P2 course, participants are awarded the CMAS Two-Star Diver certification. This certification allows divers to engage in more advanced recreational diving activities within specified limits and conditions.
Always check with a CMAS-recognized training agency or instructor for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding prerequisites, course content, and certification requirements. Additionally, local variations and specific requirements may exist depending on the country or region where the course is conducted.

CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course: Diving in Hurghada

Are you an adventurous soul who is fascinated by the underwater world? Do you dream of exploring the depths of the ocean and encountering the amazing marine life up close? If so, then the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course is your gateway to an incredible diving experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at this prestigious course and dive into the enchanting world of diving in Hurghada.

CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course: Unlocking the Depths

Before we take a deep dive into the wonders of diving in Hurghada, let’s first understand what the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course entails. This course is designed for divers who have already obtained their CMAS P1* certification and are eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in the underwater realm.
During the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course, participants will undergo comprehensive theoretical and practical training. They will learn advanced diving techniques, safety protocols, rescue procedures, and navigation skills. This course equips divers with the expertise and confidence needed to explore the underwater world to a depth of 30 meters.

Diving in Hurghada: A Spectacular Underwater Paradise

Now that we have a good understanding of the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course, let’s unravel the beauty of diving in Hurghada. Located on the mesmerizing Red Sea coast of Egypt, Hurghada is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine life. It is a diver’s paradise, offering an unforgettable experience for divers of all levels.

Unraveling the Wonders of the Red Sea

Hurghada serves as a gateway to the renowned Red Sea, known for its breathtaking biodiversity. As you descend into the azure waters, you will be greeted by an array of fish species, from colorful clownfish to majestic angelfish. The vibrant coral reefs, in hues of purple, pink, and orange, create a stunning backdrop for your underwater adventures.

Exploring Sunken Treasures

Hurghada is also home to several intriguing shipwrecks, providing a unique and exhilarating diving experience. One such famous wreck is the El Mina, a cargo ship that sits at a depth of 20 meters. As you dive deeper, you can explore the El Mina’s eerie hallways and witness the mesmerizing dance of marine life that has made it their home.

Dive into Adventure: Book Your CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course Today

If the idea of diving in Hurghada and unlocking the secrets of the underwater world excites you, then don’t hesitate to embark on your CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course journey. Whether you are a novice diver looking to expand your skills or an experienced diver seeking new challenges, this course is tailored to meet your diving aspirations.
By enrolling in the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of diving techniques but also become part of a vibrant diving community. You will learn from seasoned instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring your safety throughout your diving adventures.
In conclusion, the CMAS P2** (Two-Star-Diver) Diver Course and the enchanting diving opportunities in Hurghada offer an experience like no other. Prepare to unravel the mysteries of the underwater world, witness the beauty of vibrant coral reefs, and encounter an abundance of marine life. So, pack your diving gear, book your course, and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the depths of Hurghada’s underwater paradise!


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