SSI Open Water Diver Course


The Price For Open Water Diver course €350 / from

  • Duration:3-4 days
  • Minimum requirements: Able to swim and medically fit for diving
  • Minimum age: 15 years (10 – 15 years can qualify for Junior Open Water Diver course)

The Fees Include:

  • Transfer to/from your place of stay within Hurghada(Other areas might be charged additionally)
  • 12 Liter tanks
  • Lunch on board (incl. tea/coffee, 2 soft drinks or water)
  • Books and certification

SSI Open Water Diver Course

Price: 350 Euros

Duration: 3-4 Days

The SSI Open Water Diver course is designed to provide beginners with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to safely explore the underwater world. The course includes a combination of theoretical learning, confined water (pool) sessions, and open water dives. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the SSI Open Water Diver course:

1. Knowledge Development:

  • Online or Classroom Sessions: The course typically begins with theoretical learning, which can be conducted through online modules, traditional classroom sessions, or a combination of both. Topics include dive physics, physiology, equipment use, dive planning, and safety procedures.

2. Confined Water Sessions:

  • Skill Development: In the confined water sessions, usually conducted in a pool, or in a similar body of water (Shallow and Calm).  Students practice essential scuba skills under the supervision of a certified SSI Instructor. Skills include equipment assembly and disassembly, buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, and emergency procedures.

3. Open Water Dives:

  • Practical Application: The course includes a minimum of four open water dives, allowing students to apply the skills they learned in confined water to actual diving conditions. These dives are typically conducted in a controlled open water environment like a lake or a sheltered area of the ocean.

4. Dive Planning:

  • Understanding Dive Tables or Dive Computers: Students are taught how to plan dives using either dive tables or dive computers. This includes understanding no-decompression limits, safety stops, and dive profiles.

5. Equipment Familiarization:

  • Scuba Gear: Participants become familiar with the basic scuba equipment, including the mask, fins, snorkel, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulator, and dive computer. They learn how to properly assemble, use, and maintain this equipment.

6. Emergency Procedures:

  • Safety Protocols: The course covers emergency procedures, including how to respond to common issues such as running out of air, buddy separation, and other potential underwater challenges. Basic first aid and rescue techniques are introduced.

7. Final Exam:

  • Knowledge Assessment: At the end of the knowledge development sessions, students typically take a final exam to demonstrate their understanding of the course material. This exam may be in the form of written tests or quizzes.

8. Certification:

  • Open Water Diver Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded the SSI Open Water Diver certification. This certification is recognized worldwide and allows individuals to engage in recreational scuba diving with a buddy, independently plan and conduct dives, and continue their education with more advanced courses.


  • Age: Generally, participants must be at least 10 years old to enroll in the SSI Open Water Diver course.
  • Medical Fitness: Divers are required to complete a medical questionnaire and may need to obtain medical clearance from a physician if they have certain medical conditions.

The SSI Open Water Diver course is an important step for anyone interested in exploring the underwater world. It provides a solid foundation for further education and the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of scuba diving in a safe and controlled manner.

Dive into the captivating realm of underwater exploration with the SSI Open Water Diver Course. Unlock exhilarating adventures and obtain a globally recognized certification.

SSI Open Water Diver Course: Dive into the World of Underwater Exploration

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will open up a whole new world? Look no further than the SSI Open Water Diver Course. In this article, we will delve into the exciting experience of becoming a certified open water diver with the renowned Scuba Schools International (SSI). Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, this course offers the perfect avenue to master the art of diving and explore the mesmerizing underwater world.

What is the SSI Open Water Diver Course?

The SSI Open Water Diver Course is the most popular and recognized diving certification worldwide. It is designed for beginners who have little to no prior diving experience. This comprehensive course allows individuals to cultivate the necessary skills and knowledge to dive safely and confidently. By the end of the program, you will earn an internationally recognized certification that will enable you to dive up to 18 meters deep independently.

Why choose the SSI Open Water Diver Course?

  1. Expert Instruction: SSI instructors are highly trained professionals who are passionate about diving. They possess extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that you receive top-notch instruction throughout the course.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The SSI Open Water Diver Course combines classroom theory, pool training, and open water dives. This comprehensive approach equips you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, giving you a well-rounded diving education.
  3. Flexible Learning Options: SSI offers various learning options to suit your individual needs. You can choose to study through traditional classroom sessions or take advantage of SSI’s innovative e-learning platform, which allows you to learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
  4. Safety Emphasis: Safety is paramount in the SSI Open Water Diver Course. The curriculum focuses on proper equipment usage, buddy procedures, and emergency protocols. You will learn how to handle potential diving risks to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What to expect during the SSI Open Water Diver Course?

The SSI Open Water Diver Course is divided into three main phases:

Knowledge Development

In this phase, you will learn the fundamental principles of diving through self-study using SSI’s digital materials. The materials cover topics such as equipment, diving physics, physiology, and dive planning. You will also participate in review sessions with your instructor to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Confined Water Training

Once you have gained theoretical knowledge, it’s time to put it into practice. In the confined water training sessions, you will learn essential diving skills under the direct supervision of your instructor. These sessions take place in a controlled environment, typically a swimming pool, allowing you to become comfortable with the equipment and practice buoyancy control, breathing techniques, and other crucial skills.

Open Water Dives

The highlight of the SSI Open Water Diver Course is the open water dives. During these dives, you will apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous phases to real-life diving situations. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will experience the thrill of exploring underwater ecosystems and encounter fascinating marine life. Completing a minimum of four open water dives is required to obtain your certification.

What are the benefits of becoming an SSI Open Water Diver?

  1. Global Recognition: The SSI Open Water Diver certification is recognized and accepted worldwide. It opens up a world of opportunities to explore dive sites in new locations and dive with other certified divers.
  2. Continued Education: Once you become an SSI Open Water Diver, the learning doesn’t stop. SSI offers a range of specialty courses, advanced certifications, and professional-level programs to further enhance your diving skills and knowledge.
  3. New Adventures: Being an SSI Open Water Diver allows you to embark on endless underwater adventures. Imagine diving in vibrant coral reefs, exploring shipwrecks, or swimming alongside majestic marine creatures. The possibilities are limitless.


If you have ever dreamed of exploring the breathtaking underwater world, the SSI Open Water Diver Course is your gateway to make that dream a reality. Through expert instruction, comprehensive curriculum, and a strong emphasis on safety, this course will equip you with the skills and confidence needed to become a certified open water diver. Discover the wonders that lie beneath the ocean’s surface and begin your journey of underwater exploration today!


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