SDI Rescue Diver Course


This course focuses on developing the skills needed to handle diving emergencies, self-rescue, and assisting others in distress.

The fees include:
  • All dives related to the course
  • Rental equipment
  • Books and certification (prices depend on the chosen dive organisation)
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Duration: 4-5 Days

Price:  300 Euros

The Scuba Diving International (SDI) Rescue Diver Course is designed to train certified divers in the skills and knowledge necessary to respond to diving emergencies and assist fellow divers in distress. The course emphasizes accident prevention, self-rescue, and the rescue of others. Here is a detailed overview of the SDI Rescue Diver Course:

1. Prerequisites:

  • Participants must be certified as an Advanced Adventure Diver (or equivalent) and have completed a sanctioned course in CPR and first aid within the past two years. Emergency First Response (EFR) or other recognized CPR/first aid courses are typically acceptable.

2. Knowledge Development:

  • The Rescue Diver Course begins with theoretical instruction that covers various aspects of diving emergencies, accident prevention, and rescue techniques. Topics may include:
  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Identifying and responding to panicked and unresponsive divers
  • Assisting tired or distressed divers
  • Missing diver procedures
  • First aid for pressure-related injuries

3. Confined Water Training:

  • Participants undergo confined water (pool) training sessions to practice and master essential rescue skills. These sessions may include:
  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Assisting a panicked diver at the surface and underwater
  • Responding to unresponsive divers underwater
  • Managing and assisting tired or distressed divers
  • Exiting an unconscious diver from the water

4. Open Water Scenarios:

  • The Rescue Diver Course includes open water scenarios where participants apply the skills learned in the confined water sessions. Scenarios may involve responding to simulated diving emergencies, conducting search patterns for missing divers, and managing multiple aspects of a rescue situation.

5. Emergency Management and Decision Making:

  • Participants learn how to make effective decisions in emergency situations, including assessing risks, managing resources, and coordinating with other rescuers. The course emphasizes the importance of clear communication and teamwork.

6. Certification:

  • Upon successful completion of the knowledge development, confined water sessions, open water scenarios, and a final exam, participants are awarded the SDI Rescue Diver certification. This certification signifies that the diver has the skills and knowledge to respond to diving emergencies and assist others in distress.

7. Continuing Education:

  • The Rescue Diver Course serves as a valuable prerequisite for those interested in furthering their training, such as pursuing professional-level courses like the SDI Divemaster Course or Instructor Development Course (IDC).


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